We like to do a little coloring for grown ups in the evenings

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Hey, Andrew here again, I’ve taken over this blog for my wife Andrea for the time being, just to give her a little break, and to let her work on her tan and her wildlife-themed coloring mazes. When last I wrote, I was explaining to you the secret behind all this amazing travel which we’ve been doing of late, up and down the California Coastline. As you may recall, we started out from Ottawa on a weekender in Carmel with my wife’s Aunt and Uncle in order to visit family and take in a quick dive trip in the kelp forests there.

Since we like to do a little coloring for grown ups in the evenings, like this one with solution, as well as some maze art, we also picked up some books with coloring for adults featuring some pretty amazing local wildlife.

 Cats Dizzy In Love coloring page

And suddenly, the normal gaming habit we’d had of playing a few rounds of pokies or blackjack in the evening at one of the top online casinos (usually, one of the best Microgaming casinos) surprised us with what we originally thought was a one-time winning streak… Thrilled, we extended our trip for a few days and used the time to spend some time down in Big Sur at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and at the Esalen hot springs also nearby. We also continued our daily mazes and coloring from grown ups, usually picking up maze books from local state parks and wildlife reserves we’d visited, featuring local species which we’d either seen, or hoped to see. But our winning streak at the top casinos -again, mostly from Microgaming-  somehow didn’t cease, and so we didn’t see any reason to pack it in and go back to Ottawa. We figured, as long as the money didn’t run out we’d keep traveling, seeing all the places we’d meant to but never did when we were dating…

So how can you be like us, you might wonder? Travelling the world, and seeing new places, constantly having new adventures? Well, first of all, all this coloring of the amazing flora and fauna of the locale must be having a positive effect on the psyche, and all the mazes we’re doing has to be training our minds for pattern recognition. But we also don’t recommend doing all the gaming we’re doing either without a good solid basis of practice and performance in the game you’re playing. Most of the Microgaming casinos offer some sort of no deposit bonus and even some free spins to get you started, so this can get you going with no risk to your own money if you’ve never played before, and from there, you must simply see where the wind takes you!!!


I’m a substitute schoolteacher, and sometimes my day is just so stressful

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I’m a substitute schoolteacher, and sometimes my day is just so stressful I can’t believe it. The kids can get to yelling for up to two three four hours at a time. Sometimes, they walk in and see it’s a sub, and just turn around and walk out. Today, the entire class gave me wrong names and my attendance sheets got all messed up, which may not seem like a big deal for one day, but these are just about my only feedback mechanism with administration, since it’s quite difficult to jump into another teacher’s established curriculum and teach it, or grade their students. And these sheets, their completeness, their accuracy, this is what gives us substitutes credibility with the higher ups, and ensures that a particular teacher will receive more work at this school.

They say it’s just for a couple of years, that to break into the normal tenure teaching or administration track one has to pay their dues as a sub, and this is a great way to get to know the other teachers, and what school or schools and which grade levels I might like to apply to. But let me tell you, it’s real stressful to teach 2nd graders one day, and high school seniors the next. Whole different skill set, whole different approach. But what gets me through are my after school ritual. First I pull up and print out some coloring for grown ups sheet, sometimes, if not always, of the satirical variety. It puts me in a lighter mood, and actually doing the coloring for adults with the minute, QUIET, repetitive hand motions is quite calming. After one or two of these, I switch to some sheets that are more in the coloring maze with solution, or maze art category.

online coloring page DO YOU SEE THE CAT MAZE

Lastly, I go on a little visit to some of the web’s top casinos. Gambling a bit at the top online casinos helps give me a sense of personal power,  although I would definitely not recommend this method for beginners. Beginners should take advantage of some of the no deposit bonus and free spins opportunities always available at the best Microgaming casinos, in order to try their luck without a great deal of personal risk. Microgaming has such an amazing selection of new and old pokies, video poker, and table games to suit any mood, I almost always finish my session at the casino feeling great!!

Few Great Ways To Spend Your Summer

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It’s the hot season, and you’re at home, petting your cat , and getting some rest at the hot summer breeze. There are few fun things you can do to relax and enjoy at the same time.

The first activity is playing at the online casino . The online casino games are extremely fun, and you can never get bored of them, since they are changing according to special BONUSES, and have great exciting themes.

Before entering the online casino, and in order to improve your concentration, you can try doing some calming activities like solving mazes or doing some coloring for grown ups with solution , or even petting your cat before you start playing, because solving a maze before playing can get you calmer, and therefore help you improve your game’s winnings at the online casino .

online Nice Day Maze Coloring Page

The coloring for adults can also serve that purpose in addition to being extremely fun, and improve your creativity as well as your artistic skills. The painted coloring for adults can also be hanged later as beautiful artworks.

Playing on real money can be quite stressful so next time before start playing at the online casino , it is highly recommended that you will try doing some or all of these activities, to get as most calm as possible. By improving your winnings, you can feel if these activities have positive effect on your game, as well as increasing your enjoyment.

The top online casinos in the world are Microgaming casinos offering incredible games

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The top online casinos in the world are Microgaming casinos offering incredible games and very attractive sign up bonus offers. New players to the best Microgaming casinos benefit from sign up bonuses that include a no deposit bonus offer, free spins and many ongoing promotions and special offers. Playing at the casino is one of the most enjoyable pastimes that there is with plenty of choice available to the player and fantastic promotions to enjoy. One of the delights of the top casinos is that the player can join the casino, do something else and then can come back to it at a later stage to spend more time on his favorite games. Even before joining the casino the player may adjust his temperament by choosing to do something else in advance of the real money casino games. The coloring for adults and maze art with solution that are both readily available online and can also be downloaded and printed are just some of the ways available to the player for preparing for the games.

Maze of Life online

The coloring for grown ups has soared in popularity because of how easy it is to do at any time or any place. The player can download sheets of coloring from the internet or he can physically buy books of different designs and enjoy them as he is getting ready for the online casino. The mazes don’t have to be bought and can be found all over the internet and are free and easy to download. The mazes are also rather special offering many different subjects and styles that the player can choose from and enjoy. Whether choosing maze art or coloring for adults before joining the real money no deposit bonus casinos the player will ensure that he has a relaxed temperament and is ready for the highly charged and exciting games he is about to play.


There are a lot of things to remember when you’re playing at the online casino

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There are a lot of things to remember when you’re playing at the online casino if you intend to go home with rewarding prizes. You can always play for free in the Free Mode, but when you play for real money in the real mode you’ll experience a higher level of success if you prepare for your gaming event before you start playing. Behaviorists, who feel that casino activity is a healthy form of relaxation, theorize that by developing your focusing skills, you’ll be better able to handle the moves and decisions needed to enjoy a more satisfactory casino event. Some suggested activities include pursuits such as working on puzzles and mazes that train you to focus on the activity at hand so that you learn to concentrate while you aim toward your goals. Try to solve this maze before you jump into the real money online casino and then check the solution here!

onlineLuck is a Maze

You’ll find that different mazes affect you in different ways. For instance, some people have discovered that coloring mazes or working on maze art is particularly helpful to individuals who are exploring  the games, the no deposit bonus rounds and other elements of the casino. For others, the best pre-game activity might be working on a low-energy soothing activity such as coloring for grown ups. Test out the coloring for adults and maze-solving options and see which one helps you navigate  individual games rules, levels and free spins together with other aspects of casino entertainment.  This advice holds true for professional and amateur players alike. Many of these individuals report that they experience less risk when they prepare with a pre-gaming activity prior to playing for real money prizes. These days most players are playing at Microgaming casinos – casinos which have been established by the Microgaming software developer to highlight Microgaming game options. The best Microgaming casinos offer a wide range of casino amenities to players which allow them to experience the best that top online casinos have to offer. The top casinos in the Microgaming network give their players a high quality casino experience where they can play the most popular casino games at their leisure on any PC or mobile device. These include table games of roulette, craps and baccarat, classic poker and blackjack alongside multiple card game variations, a wide range of slots and other lottery, arcade and variety games for quick-win gaming entertainment. The best thing about Microgaming casinos is that it’s possible to play all of the games with no deposit bonus options which give players the chance to compete for real money without adding any additional deposits. The microgaming casinos are safe and secure casino venues which are monitored by international gambling assurance agencies. These agencies check – on a regular basis – the casino paytables, house edge and random number generators, to ensure that players compete in an environment of fair and protected gambling action.  The casino uses 128 bit encryption tools to protect all banking information including users’ personal contact information.

Satisfying and rewarding casino experience

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There’s an effective way in which you can create a more satisfying and rewarding casino experience. It involves playing no deposit online casino games which are games that you play for free. Once you identify a casino that featuresno deposit casino options and other types of free spins and bonus promotional packages you will  begin to expand your gambling adventure as you play extra games and collect more cash prizes — all with no additional betting requirements. There are several ways in which you can do this. You can make use of the best Microgaming casinos Welcome Bonus packages in which new players receive match credits. There are also Loyalty Points which are distributed to everyone so you can play Microgaming casinos games via free cash, deposit points and more match credits. Microgaming offers a variety of play modes. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can gamble for free in the Free Mode for as long as you want before you navigate to the Real Mode to play for real. All of the top online casinos want to make sure that you experience the chance to enjoy casino gaming in a way that meets your individual needs and expectations. By playing at the top casinos you’ll be able to take steps that will  propel you towards bigger and better wins as you develop the most effective gaming habits. Pre-gaming activities that elicit positive results for casino gambling include spending time on solving puzzles and mazes. When you work on a maze, your brain functions are affected. Mazes stimulate the neural cortex of the brain so you experience a more intense ability to concentrate. As that happens, new brain cells are being built which enhances your cognitive abilities. This isn’t true for everyone. For instance, if you have been working on a specific puzzle for a long time, you may feel experience victory differently than if you had been working on mazes every day on a daily basis, Uf you work on maze art you’ll feel differently than you would than if you had worked on a numerical maze,  a single-cursial maze, a multi-cursial maze, a block maze or one of the other types of mazes.

online Gambling VS Investing Casino Maze

Behaviorists suggest that you try this hobby for a few weeks so that you can see if working on mazes effects your casino successes positively. Another activity that you might wish to explore in order to expand your short term memory involves coloring projects. Coloring for adults is a fascinating pre-gambling hobby that casino advisors suggest for gamers who want to learn how to relax before they embark on their gaming event. By relaxing, you’ll be concentrating more fully and will be better prepared to make the best decisions in each individual circumstance. Some gamblers like to work on coloring maze activities by combining the two types of endeavors. Relaxation exercises are appropriate for different types of casino entertainment so remember that the most important thing is that you enter the casino and play when you’re feeling tranquil. This is true regardless of whether you are playing single-hand or multi-hand poker or blackjack card games, table games of roulette, craps or baccarat, lotteries, variety games,  arcade games or any of the casino’s hundreds of online slots.


Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

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In the past twenty-two years, online pokies have developed into a very popular activity as new online casinos open by the day. These online Microgaming casinos permit players to enjoy the slot games that you enjoy from the luxury of your own home. The great leaps in high tech have developed and produced such advances in online gaming, including mobile devices that can be played practically anywhere. With such technology, online gaming is so convenient, that you can play it when you want and where you want. This is especially so that practically everyone has a mobile device and take it wherever they go.

It is possible to play many of the games straight from the website without downloading them. The games may be played for free and also for real money. A lot of slot versions to select from, are comprised more of the classical three reel slots as well as the five reel slots including progressive slots. There are countless themes to pick from as well as those centered on legendary movies. The online casino also offers roulette, blackjack, sic bo, baccarat, bingo and so much more. Playing slots on mobile devices such as the iPad are identical as playing online slots by way of the same benefits, and bonuses that are offered.

If you ever feel a bit bored and just can’t figure out what exactly to do, think about playing some great no deposit casino bonus games at some top online casinos. One thing for sure, you definitely will not be bored playing at the Microgaming casinos. These types of games stretch your mental capacities which allow you to have fun and be pleasantly engaged. Online casino researchers have discovered that by adding a few minutes of quality time playing with your cat changes the molecular system in the brain that helps individuals to be more relaxed and calm. This is a great helper when you play the no deposit casino bonus slot games. The calmness that develops in your brain helps you to concentrate. This, in turn, helps players as they play the games. The bottom line is that with a better focus and feeling peaceful and tranquil, your winnings at the best online casinos highly improve. If for some reason you are unable to have your cat next to you as you play, you can look at funny cat pics or cat memes which bring the same result. Enjoy the games while you are cozy in your bed with your cat, or on the go. If you decide to play while you are out and about, you can download free pictures of funny cats and it with you. Another great thing about all this is that you will not need any other person to assist you. Disclaimer: The information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. You may lose money when you engage in online gambling.

online  well hello there funny meme

It’s amazing what kinds of discoveries are made about life every day

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It’s amazing what kinds of discoveries are made about life every day and how certain things fit together and how other things fit together some of the time but not all of the time. For instance for those of you hoping to one day play at some of the best Microgaming casinos, these top online casinos are definitely worth the try but in order to get the best experience you possibly can out of your time there, there’s a little known theory which is being tested out more and more which says if you do certain activities before getting involved in the  real money online games you may just up your chances of doing better and bringing home some earnings. Some of these activities are specifically dealing with solving mazes and coloring for grown ups. Yes, believe it or not there is a chance that working on solving a maze and doing this activity on a regular basis might enhance your chances of being a better online gambling player and while this may not work for everyone, you won’t know if it’s something to try your luck at unless you simply try it out.  You can read a book or run a race and get a similar result but all of those activities and things like them take time and although you can still arrive at  that great feeling the number of times are few and far between compared to when doing maze art. Try to solve this new maze! Find the solution here. When it comes to mazes you can do one after another and rack up all that confidence over and over again and once you get involved in the Microgaming casinos where you’ll have chances at the free spins and no deposit bonus offers that new customers receive then you can take all that good energy into the sessions and see where it leads you. True, it may be helpful to some people and not to others but if you’re going to invest in the top casinos where you’ll find a treasure trove of fun games to play, you might as well see for yourself if this is something up your alley. Of course, if mazes are not your thing then the other option is coloring and coloring for adults can be a really fun exercise which you could integrate into your life as something fun to do on a regular basis. Drawing and coloring is a type of therapy so it’s no wonder that if it’s making you feel good that positive karma may spark a great string of luck once you jump into the real money games. You never know what will happen because it’s all based on luck in the first place but if there’s good energy to be had then ride the wave.

no deposit online Best Casino Maze

What do coloring for grown ups and mazes have in common?

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  They are both fun and relaxing activities that can boost your betting bankroll.  According to people in the know, focusing on coloring between the lines or finding a solution to a maze puzzle is the ideal mental preparation for playing online casino games the best possible way you can.  You’ll have a far better chance of banking real money each time your play slots, scratchcards, video poker or roulette at any one of the top online casinos powered by Microgaming software.   

Why do we mention Microgaming?  Well, the premier software supplier is not only known for its huge selection of games, big paying progressive jackpots and around the clock support services.  It is one of a rare breed that encourages new players to test drive the software performance for free.  This means you can take time out prior to play to enjoy coloring for adults, maze games or op art styled coloring maze graphics and then use the no deposit bonus or free spins on slots to see whether the theory works for you.  It’s a neat no risk solution that can pay dividends, so give it a bash right away!  

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on maze art with solution or adult coloring pages, we’ve done the hard yards on your behalf.  Simply pop into a bookstore and you’ll be amazed at the sheer scale of coloring books for grown ups and cross-genre puzzle books that litter the shelves.  Alternatively you can turn to the World Wide Web for an instant quick fix.  

online Gambling VS Investing Casino Maze

But if mobility is what drives you night and day, we’ve got the answers especially for you.  There are dozens of adult coloring apps overflowing with images, applicators and color palettes so that you can create your own distinctive works of art.  Colorfy and Pigment are easily the best of the rest.  Furthermore, you’ll find an assortment of iOS and Android compatible maze puzzle apps.  Some are straight up and relatively simple such as the cute and cuddly Puppy Run Free and My Maze: Puzzle Craze, a 60-stage games app with a minimalistic gaming environment.  Then there are super sophisticated options that put Hollywood to shame and include The Maze Runner, an action-packed  maze game featuring cinematic graphics, in-app purchases, daily rewards and awesome challenges that vary from gushing aqueducts and flaming chasms to falling rocks and a whole lot more!

So, if you intend to win more than you lose playing sizzling games at top casinos bearing the distinctive Microgaming brand, we strongly recommend you prep and play with complete freedom by using the free spins and no deposit bonus offers that are part of the holistic Microgaming gambling experience.  You really have got nothing to lose!

Relax with funny cats and online casino

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It’s not hard to give yourself a break once in a while. Many people feel like they can’t let themselves just relax and enjoy – but they really can if they want to. And when they sit back and relax, they might find that they really get a lot out of their free time. So here are some ideas for using that free time and enjoying it much more! First, you can check out the maze art that you can find online and with your iPad, and also in print if you want to do so. The mazes are always amazingly developed and so much fun to look at and solve. They will allow you to use your mind in a way that you might not always use it and this really challenges you. Another idea is to enjoy the coloring for grown ups that you’ll find in many locations These coloring for adults books are really bright and exciting and they use the creativity that people have. Even people who don’t think they are particularly creative will love finishing a coloring page and being proud of themselves. Now, when your mind has already been challenged with the coloring for adults and the mazes, it’s time to check out the no deposit casino. With each of the online casino no deposit sites, you’ll see that there are awesome games to play and great ways to have fun. Each of the no deposit online casinos offers a fun and interesting way to play and to have a great time. And don’t’ forget your cat in all of these either. You can curl up with your cats as you play and really enjoy. These are awesome ways to enjoy your free time and to have a great time. Each of the activities will make you happy and help you to enjoy yourself and have a great time. Your time matters and your fun is important as well.

be free nstuff